Nimo test post

Nimo test post. Ensuring Nimo can post from the web form.

AIBO Blog ... what's that?

As before, the Entertainment Player is installed separately on your PC. This latest version adds improved calendaring capabilities—so AIBO can remind you of upcoming events, birthdays, appointments, etc. The software will also let AIBO keep a diary of the day's activities that can include images and some brief comments. He can upload them on a daily basis or hold up to 30 entries on his memory stick and upload them all at once. These entries can even be fed, Sony promises, to a blog. The company didn't provide a complete list of compatible blogs, but reported that it should work with Moveable Type and Blogger. The software also adds an RSS reader, so AIBO can read you headlines from your favorite Web site. -- PC Magazine, 28 September 2005

When your AIBO 7 with MIND 3 is ready, we are ready too ... we hope!?